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Laser Line

The Laser Line 2000 dramatically increases PCB assembly productivity and quality, while offering excellent economy and flexibility.

Standard Features

  • Mistake-proof parts selection from bin
  • Laser light indication system on PCB
  • Modular Design
  • PC with monitor and joystick module for programming
  • Conductive work surface and wrist strap for ESD protection
  • Adjustable bin assembly for optimum accessibility to parts
  • Adjustable rails for PCBs to 13"

Available Options

  • Conductive bins for ESD protection
  • IC/DIP dispenser bins
  • Foot switch for use as an alternative to the "Next Step" switch


The Laser Line prompts the operator to obtain the proper part and indicates where to install it, virtually eliminating assemblies with missing or incorrectly inserted components. The correct component must always be selected, or the system will not cycle to the next operation.


Time studies have shown an improvement in assembly rates of 2-3 times better than manual assembly.

How It Works

A laser beam and A sensor on each parts bin monitors entry to the bin. The Laser Line clearly and accurately indicates the location and orientation of a component on the PCB, under program control. A laser beam guides the operator through the assembly procedure.


Each unit is supplied with a PC and a monitor. The program is generated using the joystick to locate and enter the parts into the program. Pertinent data regarding each part, including color photographs can also be entered for visual reference during the assembly operation. In less than three minutes, all of the bins can be exchanged, a new assembly program loaded, and a PCB for assembly. Extra bins can be loaded and stored for a specific run with only enough parts to build the number of boards needed to fill an order.

Laser units are designed to be connected end to end to accommodate any PCB assembly, regardless of the number of parts to be installed, or the required thru-put time.

The entire Laser Line 2000 program for each assembly is loaded into each laser line. This allows parts bins to be readily moved between units to obtain workflow equalization regardless of different operator work speeds.

The parts bins assembly can be adjusted horizontally to provide optimum operator accessibility regardless of PCB size. The laser bar for the bins automatically seeks and finds the new bin assembly position without operator adjustment or input.

The PCB slide rails can be adjusted from 0° to 15° for the optimum angle for parts insertion and will accommodate PCBs to 13" wide.

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