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We now have engineering services. 

Testing reaches new levels with the HMX X-Ray


Design Management Services:

1) Documentation Assistance Options:
   a) Manufacturing document cleanup - We will use your data,
       documentation and specifications to produce high quality
       manufacturing documentation that will be used to build your
       assembly or finished product.
   b) Manufacturing document creation - We will use your working
       prototype, data and specifications to create high quality
       manufacturing documentation that will be used to build the
       assembly or finished product.
   c) Service and end user document creation - We will produce
       operators’ and service manuals using your specifications,
       and functional experience with the end product.

2) Design Assistance Options:
   a) Agency Requirements. We will help you organize the
       required agency testing. MOR currently works with listing
       agencies to ensure factory compliance when building your
       assembly or product.
   b) PCB layout. We will cleanup your PCB layout to remove cuts
       and jumpers, improve manufacturability, and reduce costs
       through the use of alternate components, while adhering to
       your specifications and requirements. MOR can also convert
       a through hole design to surface mount, or create a new
       layout to your specifications and requirements using your
       schematic, mechanical requirements and BOM.
   c) Circuit design. We will do analog and digital circuit design,
       and can integrate micro-controllers and communications
       devices and modules to meet your specifications. Examples
       of circuits produced might be instrumentation amplifiers,
       signal interface, and Input and Output signal buffering.
       Examples of controllers used are the 8051 family, and RISC
       micro-controllers from ATMEL and Microchip.
   d) Design Maintenance. We can help you find alternative
       components or component sources and suggest design
       improvements that improve manufacturability, functionality,
       durability, and customer satisfaction.
   e) Enclosure and piece-part design. We can design the
       enclosure for your assembly or finished product, decals or
       labels, and any plastic or metal parts that are needed to
       complete the design.
   f)  Testing. We can test your product by designing test plans to
       ensure that each finished assembly or system functions as
   g) Packaging. We can design packaging for your product or
       assembly that is attractive and will ensure that the product
       reaches its destination safely and in good working and
       cosmetic order.
   h) Software. We can create Windows compatible test or end
       user software to meet your requirements.
   i)  Complete turnkey service. We can design your product,
       produce it, test it, label it, package it, and ship it to your
   j)  Follow-up service. We can be your warranty service
       performance shop. We will use in-house and field collected
       product data to continuously improve our services and your

1. Samples of existing documentation and data collected
2. Pictures or samples of prototype or production product
3. Product specifications
4. Samples of existing drawings
5. List of all document materials to be supplied to MOR

1. Simple explanation of work you would like MOR to do. I.e., 
    fixing a PCB, designing a new PCB, designing circuitry,
    firmware, whole project, etc.
2. Specifications and / or functional scenario. I.e., tell us what you
    need this assembly to do, or describe to us how it will be used.
3. Pictures or samples of existing work completed.
4. List of testing requirements, and agency approvals needed.

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