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UV Conformal Coating
Our automated state-of-the-art conformal coat process ensures precision and uniformity of coverage. The ultraviolet cure process provides for rapid processing and superior quality.


The PVA2000 is a fully programmable three-axis motion platform. A robust gantry system consists of brushless DC servo motors driving precisiongrade ball screw slides. This closed-loop system includes optical encoder feedback on all axes.

In addition to the traditional three-axis movement of the PVA2000, a standard pneumatic tilt motion alters the valve from the vertical position to an angle allowing access to shadowed areas and the side of components.

The PVA2000 offers motion in all axes simultaneously allowing the programmer to contour application heads in and around intricate devices. This capability also permits adjustment of the spray pattern width on the fly with no starts or stops for a seamless application.

Eliminate Masking
The PVA2000 introduces a cleaner, more efficient process for applying conformal coatings while eliminating labor intensive and costly masking operations. Utilizing the widest range of motion in the industry, and a controlled atomized spray, the PVA2000 can build films as low as 0.01 mm (0.0005”) while limiting coating to a programmed coverage area. Selective coating provides transfer efficiencies of 99%, a significant increase over dip, brush, or hand spray applications.

UV Cure

Ultraviolet curing provides fast and consistent cure of conformal coatings. Product moves to box build or packaging less than a minute after coat application.

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